Shimano’s new E7000 motor – EMBN video

Steve Jones from EMBN took the chance to try out the new E7000 motor from Shimano at the recent Rod d’Azur festival. He was not just enjoying the new motor and the fantastic trails in the south of France, but also the eONE-TWENTY the motor was mounted on.

Check out what his thoughts on the new power unit are:



SILEX vs MISSION CX - a comparison

Our current range holds two bikes, which to the untrained eye can look very similar – the SILEX and the all-new MISSION CX. Ultimately they are both ‘dropped handlebar’ off-road bikes, which run on 700c wheels, have disc brakes and come either with a full carbon frameset or an aluminium frame paired with a full carbon fork. But when we look a little deeper, these two bikes are fundamentally different and have their purpose and their strength in very different areas, granted, they do overlap in certain areas, but let's look at the differences first.

Video: SILEX - rock, paper, scissors

Living cycling legends, close friends and riders of two different cycling camps José Antonio Hermida and Joaquim 'Purito' Rodríguez are always undecided when it comes to what to eat, what to drink and even what bike to ride. But on our new SILEX, they could both agree…

Video: Enduro and trail fun – THE ONE-FORTY

Our new ONE-FORTY is a strong climber, an even more avid descender and a super playful trail buddy. We took the chance to join up with Andrew Mee and Dave Hawkes from our MERIDA UK office to discover some of their awesome trails on board our mid travel trail weapon. Come on board and enjoy the ride.

Fredrik Sträng - Skandinaviens främsta höghöjdsklättrare och Merida ambassadör

Fredrik är aktuell med en ny expedition till världens tuffaste berg – K2. Sommaren 2018 så kommer Fredrik att rapportera om sin klättring upp på det 8611 m höga berget. Vägen dit består av träning. Mycket träning. Träningen består av mycket löpning, mycket funktionell styrketräning och framförallt mycket mountainbike.